Three household ingredients could be the key to getting rid of weeds ‘permanently’

Gardening can be very satisfying when you watch the hard work and energy bloom into a picturesque scenery that you own.

The hard work can be undone when weeds appear and spoil the landscape, but experts believe they have some natural ways to get rid of the unwanted guests.

Weeds can sap important nutrients from other plants, shortening their lifespan. Chemical weedkillers are usually recommended but gardening experts at Summit Turf Services have suggested three everyday household items as alternatives, and they could transform your landscape.

The root of weeds need to be killed to prevent regrowth, and they also thrive on malnourished soil, so keeping it healthy is vital for the glamour of the garden.

Amateur gardeners have suggested that a combination of salt, soap and vinegar works wonders for soil in a number of ways, including the safety of family and pets in addition to the environment, which the experts agree with.

As reported in the Express, they said: “Targeting and killing the plant’s root is what permanently kills weeds. You can use natural and manufactured weed killers; however, they will ultimately come back if the plant’s root survives.

“There are numerous products available that may help you get rid of weeds. However, some products contain harmful chemicals. So, you may be wondering what kills weeds permanently naturally.”

The specialists continued: “Other natural options include using everyday household items, proven as effective herbicides. For example, gardeners have employed salt and vinegar, both readily available and inexpensive, to battle weeds successfully.

“Together, these household items create a potent mixture to eliminate weeds to ensure they won’t come back.

“As a herbicidal mixture, gardeners often combine salt, vinegar, and their favourite dish soap in the following proportions: one gallon of white vinegar, one cup of salt, and one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent.

“Vinegar and salt will dry out weeds and grass, whereas the dish soap helps the vinegar and salt to cling to the leaves rather than absorbing the mixture. If utilised correctly, they can be an effective herbicide as the weeds will dry up and die in a few hours.”

You could also boost your garden’s health by mulching newspaper to keep weeds at bay, which should hinder their development while maintaining the soil’s nutrition.

Another item that households that will help to rid outdoor areas of weeds is bleach. This is because it “increases the pH of the soil, helping it to become more alkaline and inhibiting the development of weeds”, according to the experts.